Pick Pack and Ship – Three Magic Words in Mail Order

Everybody involved in the mail order business understands that there are three magic words in mail order that should never be forgotten: pick pack, and ship. The more efficiently and accurately a business can pick pack and ship items, the more satisfied their customers will be, and the more the business (and added profits) will grow. As your business grows and product demand increases, however, it can become more and more difficult to continue to improve the efficiency of your shipping. This gives you a choice. You can either hire new staff to pick & pack for you, or you can place increasing pressure on your existing staff to handle the growing workload. The first option would increase your expenses and the second would increase your employee turnover.

A better option is available to mail order companies. By using a fulfillment warehouse, you do more than just eliminate unnecessary building and labor Design your own display box expenses. You hire a team of specialists who understand shipping and handling inside and out. Why waste valuable man hours having someone multitask when you can have personnel specifically trained to accurately and efficiently pick pack and ship your products whenever you need them? It is clear to see that fulfillment centers offer the best solution. Not only are your storage and warehousing costs eliminated, but your actual product packing and delivery is taken care of by a team of specialists.

Fulfillment warehouses streamline the entire shipping procedure. This adds up to savings for them, which in turn adds up to savings for you. Not only do fulfillment warehouses avoid a lot of down time for personnel by serving many different companies’ shipping needs, they normally also train their workers to concentrate on particular responsibilities in the shipping process. Much as Henry Ford’s assembly line made the production of automobiles more efficient and brought down the manufacturing costs enough so that average man on the street could afford to buy them, the fulfillment warehouse assigns personnel to specific duties, such as pick & pack, to streamline the shipping process and make it cheaper for the small business.

Staff in a fulfillment warehouse basically performs two functions; pick & pack. Pickers are trained specifically to look at your order manifests, find the bins or internal Skua containing the appropriate items, and get them ready for shipping. The picker will then turn the order over to another specialized worker, who will take things from there. He They then go about fulfilling the subsequent order.

Packers check that all the items on the manifest have been collected, providing you with a second pair of eyes to ensure that nothing was overlooked (potentially saving you a lot of hassle). After confirming that all of the items are present and correct, the packer carries out the packaging process, which in most cases includes affixing a packing slip. Finally, the packer labels the package accordingly, including its destination address and any special instructions regarding how the package is to be shipped. Experienced packers know when packages should be labeled handle with care or fragile, and take those concerns out of your hands.

The fulfillment warehouse will then ship your products to their final destination. This is usually done via major courier services, such as FedEx and UPS. Another benefit of doing your shipping through a fulfillment center is that they ship items in bulk and this is much more economical.

Always remember the three magic words of mail order; pick pack and ship, and remember that a fulfillment warehouse can do all three for you.

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