Champion Evaporative Coolers – The best Value for your money

I am writing this article because I have just read an article on the benefits of buying Champion Evaporative Coolers (some call these Swamp Coolers). The author mentioned that they are good quality, cost effective, and long lasting. This is all true. But then I thought, how would a man who has written hundreds of articles on interior decorating and outdoor lawn care know why these are quality units? I have installed and maintained them for years and can tell you the reason they are quality and long lasting. Here are just a few reasons I recommend Champion.

All the Champion Ultracool and Mastercool units use celdek media instead of commonly used aspen pads. Aspen pads are made of shaved wood from aspen trees enclosed in plastic small cooler cheesecloth mesh. These pads are generally only about an inch thick. Celdek media is a cellulose cardboard material engineered into honeycomb shaped blocks. Most of the Ultracool and Mastercool models have an option of 8 inch or 12 inch thick celdek media. Air that passes through 12 inches of media absorbs more water than air passing through 1 inch of media. More water absorbed into the air means cooler air being blown into your room. I once worked on a job that had one Cooler with celdek media beside another one with aspen pads. With my thermometer I measured 5 degree cooler air from the unit using celdek media. I have also found the celdek media generally lasted at least 5 years whereas aspen pads should be changed out at least once a year. Since most people dread maintenance work, going 5 years between media changes is a real plus. Some aspen pad units have rusted out and had to be changed by 5 years.

Champion uses several strategies to help their Evaporative Coolers last years longer than other brands. First, after using heavy gauge steel in their construction they apply a Polyester Powder Coated Finish. This coating has proven to be more durable than paint. Next, they use a plastic reservoir in the bottom of the water section whereas most other brands contain the water in their metal basin. With only the water evaporating into the air, the minerals, which are very corrosive are left in the water basin. Corrosion usually begins in only a few years with most other units. Champion also installs vinyl liners between the celdek media and the side panels. The Ultracool and Mastercool units are designed so that the water should never touch the metal case. Most other brands not only let the water sit in the metal basin, but also have the wet aspen pads held against the metal side louvers with metal clamps. Often this starts corrosion in the first few years.

I hope these few points I have brought out will help you in the future to decide which brand of Cooler to buy. This information did not come from brochures or advertisements trying to talk you into buying this brand. It came from many years of installing and maintaining all brands of Swamp Coolers.

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